We strive to give a high level of dental care and believe a part of that is excellent customer service. We take care to always be mindfull of your time, concerns and individual needs. It makes us feel great when patients take the time to let us know we've succeeded.

Here are some notes we've recieved from patients:


Dear Dr. Horton, Linda and your wonderful staff,

It was such a pleasure to be in your office with such a great group of people. Your enthusiasm for excellence is contagious and certainly makes an impact on your patients. They are fortunate to be in your care.
Yours truly in the spirit of health,

Shelly Von Short

Dear Dr. Horton & staff,

I just wanted to thank you for the most pleasant experience I've ever had while being at "the dentist". I really enjoyed my visit and the warm & friendly atmosphere in your BEAUTIFUL office.

It is very rare to walk into a doctor's office & feel as welcome as I did yesterday.

I appreciate all the excellent dental services I've recieved since I became a client 2 or so years ago. Keep up the good work & expect to recieve LOTS of refferals from me.
Kimberly J. Blue

An excerpt from a local newspaper

To the editor,

We americans are quick to point out any injustice done or criticize any error made by a professional whose services we enlist. Often we fail to walk a mile in their moccasins, especially when we plunk down our hard earned cash.

So, I've decided that when I encounter an outstanding professional, I am going to tell you all about it. I am a hard case, though, so you can get that it won't be a single occasion of good, fair service, but rather an ongoing, established dedication on the part of the professional towards me, the client.

The first of these noteworthy human professionals is my seventh dentist in the Sandhills, Dr. Bob Horton. At 38 years of age, I discovered that there was, indeed, a dentist who legitmately wanted me not to hurt. It wasn't hype, it was fact.

In his wisdom, he viewed me for what I was, a patient that had had one bad experience after another. He didn't waste time placing blame, but instead committed himself to fulfilling his oath as a doctor. He amde me no promises, but delivered deeds, leading me through each part of my visit with kindness, assurance, confidence and calm. And to crown these virtues, he has a four-star staff and a sense of humor that could put Bob Newhart out of business.

And if you think I am trying to drum up the good doctor some business, do give him a call. The beautiful lady at the front desk will most likely answer the phone and tell you that the first available appointment is in the middle of June. She desires to be accomodating, but it's just that a whole lot of patients think just like I do.

To Dr. Robert Horton and his fine staff, my heartfelt thanks for the fillings, the crowns, the bridges, and as little pain as possible.
Kathleen Williams
Southern Pines, NC